Valerie & Mark – Fort Worth Japanese Garden, Fort Worth, Texas


Valerie & Mark chose an intimate elopement at the Dallas Arboretum in late April and when Valerie called me a few weeks prior I was ecstatic to be even a small part of their wedding day. It was just the officiant from Love Notes (who we highly recommend) and the two of them which I found incredibly romantic and freeing! C’mon, look at that view! It was so humid that it felt tropical and a storm was quickly approaching but that just meant we had most of the gardens to ourselves on a cloudy Friday afternoon. A gorgeous bride in knee length wedding dress, a simple bridal bouquet & a groom with dimples  & a suit. It was the perfect little wedding! The rain started as soon as we got to the car 🙂 Thankful for that! Hope you love these images as much as I do!

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