Shawn & Chris – Prayer Mountain Portraits


Since the second these images started appearing on the back of my camera, I have been itching to share these with you. Shawn & Chris hold a special place in my heart and my life, both business and personal, and I was deeply honored to be asked to photograph them. Step 1, Shawn told me her ideas for the session, and Step 2, we hiked and she showed me her vision. We planned it all and for me that was such a pertinent piece of this session…. I was, in her words, “geeking out” over it all. It was true. It was a fun way to plan this session and spend some quality time with her. And you can see why I was “geeking out”…. these colors are NOT artificial. They are true down to every last leaf hanging on for life. Is anyone else in awe of how long fall has hung on in Texas this year? Besides that, Chris & Shawn just have no idea how stinkin’ adorable they are together, which makes them even cuter, but I’m sure you will see that through my lens. I hope you enjoy these two lovebirds as much as I have! <3

2014-12-04_0052 2014-12-04_0009

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