Rachel & J.R. – Grapevine Botanical Gardens & Downtown Grapevine, Tx Engagement Photographer

2015-04-13_0014Meet Rachel & J.R.! These two adorable people are from Colorado and I didn’t meet them until the morning of their engagement session but you would never have known. We clicked right off the bat and it felt like we are old friends! We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. These two share hobbies, life views and the same sense of humor as one another and it definitely makes for a beautiful thing in front of the camera. Their love for their outdoors is one thing we needed to make sure was a big part of their session.

2015-04-13_0006The chemistry between these two is undeniable. Their deep friendship is so obvious and their love just glows. I loved every minute with these two and am honored to be the one to capture their wedding in November. I hope you enjoy the laughs we shared!

2015-04-13_0007 2015-04-13_0008 2015-04-13_0009 2015-04-13_0010 2015-04-13_0011 2015-04-13_0012 2015-04-13_0013The way she krinkles up her nose when she laughs. SO SO SO adorable! I love the way these two love each other!


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