Nikki & Floyd – Dallas Arboretum, Dallas, Tx Engagement Photographer

As many of you know, I also contract as a photographer for Fairy Tale Photography… We are an awesome team of wedding photographers out of Dallas! 😉 I love working with all types of clients and all the different venues. Photography is truly my passion and Fairy Tale allows me to fulfill a lot of my dreams working with them! I will forever be grateful for all of this opportunity.

Here are Nikki & Floyd’s Fairy Tale Photography engagements at the Dallas Arboretum for your viewing pleasure! These two are the smiliest couple in the whole world – love them so much and can’t wait for their gorgeous wedding next May!

2014-10-21_0025 2014-10-21_0026 2014-10-21_0027 2014-10-21_0028 2014-10-21_0029 2014-10-21_0030 2014-10-21_0031 2014-10-21_0032 2014-10-21_0033 2014-10-21_0034 2014-10-21_0035 2014-10-21_0036 2014-10-21_0037 2014-10-21_0038 2014-10-21_0039 2014-10-21_0040 2014-10-21_0041Images taken by me for Fairy Tale Photography