Michelle & Ross – Tangle Ridge Golf Club, Grand Prairie, Tx Engagement Photographer

2015-05-14_0052I truly admire a couple who can let me guide them to a completely random place for the first part of their engagement session & they don’t even bat an eye. Michelle & Ross planned their session on the world’s most beautiful day and these yellow flower weed things had just started sprouting up EVERYWHERE. I was dying to photograph in them and to my delight they were all for my wacky plan. The second part of the session took place on a golf course where Michelle has wonderful memories and favorite spots that she shared with me and our time ended with a breathtaking sunset of the richest colors. Couldn’t think of a couple more deserving for a storybook engagement session. Michelle & Ross are completely epitomes of gentle and calming spirits. From the moment I met Michelle I knew she was the kind of person I would enjoy being around… and who doesn’t want more people like that in their life?! Meeting Ross was equally as wonderful and our time together was refreshing. I am thrilled to be their photographer for their November wedding!

2015-05-14_0070 2015-05-14_0054 2015-05-14_0055 2015-05-14_0056Don’t those yellow flowers make for such a lovely setting?! 2015-05-14_0057 2015-05-14_0059Ladybugs are good luck!

2015-05-14_0058 2015-05-14_0060 2015-05-14_0061 2015-05-14_0062 2015-05-14_0063 2015-05-14_0064 2015-05-14_0065 2015-05-14_0066 2015-05-14_0067 2015-05-14_0069 2015-05-14_0071 2015-05-14_0072 2015-05-14_0075 2015-05-14_0074 2015-05-14_0076So green & so scenic!

2015-05-14_0077 2015-05-14_0078
2015-05-14_0080 2015-05-14_0081 2015-05-14_0082 2015-05-14_0083 2015-05-14_0084 2015-05-14_0086 2015-05-14_0085 2015-05-14_0087 2015-05-14_0088Doesn’t this sunset look fake?! It’s so perfect!

2015-05-14_0089 2015-05-14_0090