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When some of my favorite people are pregnant with their first child, I pretty much demand (in the nicest way possible) that I take their milestone photos. I love, love, love every image because watching them on the verge of having the joy I have as a mom, is the coolest thing to photograph.

2015-02-19_0001The biggest surprise was the gender of their sweet bundle… a baby boy! January was the month of Harrison’s arrival and it was a joyous one. I will share his birth images soon. Enjoy this set of sweet sunset images.

2015-02-19_0002 2015-02-19_0003 2015-02-19_0004 2015-02-19_0005My favorite two images. The black & white is striking!

2015-02-19_0006 2015-02-19_0007Pregnant tree!!! What?!

2015-02-19_0008 2015-02-19_0009 2015-02-19_0010 2015-02-19_0011 2015-02-19_0012 2015-02-19_0014 2015-02-19_0015 2015-02-19_0016 2015-02-19_0017 2015-02-19_0018