Kimbra & Josh – Fort Worth, TX engagements


Sunday was a gorgeous day from start to finish and I had so much fun including all sorts of Josh & Kimbra’s favorite things into their session. We started off at the Ginger Man in Fort Worth.  Josh proposed to Kimbra there in Feburary, at the back of the outdoor patio right before the two were greeted and congratulated by tons of family & friends! Major brownie points for Josh for planning such a great proposal. A proposal turned engagement party was perfect for this couple and it made for some great stories.

If you’re a fan of the pub scene, add this one to your MUST VISIT SOON list. They were incredibly generous with their smiles, they know their beer and they were speedy with our order. I have never met a friendlier and more accommodating staff and will definitely be returning on my off days to try some more of their yummy brews.

Enjoy this lovely couple! 🙂

2014-05-07_0012 2014-05-07_0010 2014-05-07_0001 2014-05-07_0002 2014-05-07_0008 2014-05-07_0009 2014-05-07_0007 2014-05-07_0005That’s the table Josh proposed at 🙂

2014-05-07_0006 2014-05-07_0004 2014-05-07_0014 2014-05-07_0015 2014-05-07_0016 2014-05-07_0017 2014-05-07_0018 2014-05-07_0019 2014-05-07_0020 2014-05-07_0021 2014-05-07_0022 2014-05-07_0023 2014-05-07_0024 2014-05-07_0025 2014-05-07_0026 2014-05-07_0027 2014-05-07_0028Josh was sneezing up a storm but he still laid down in the flowers and smiled. That’s a real man for ya! ha!

2014-05-07_0030 2014-05-07_0031

*sigh* Capturing people’s love never gets old.