Kevin & Mandie – State Fair of Texas, Dallas, Tx Couples Photographer


Such a cold, dreary day outside so I figured it was a perfect time to share this warm, fun and happy couple!

Apparently, the night of this session was Dallas ISD night at the State Fair. WOW. Just WOW. Didn’t know that until we got to the end of the session but that explained the incredible crowds. While that proved to be a bit of a challenge, Brittany from Eden Bliss Images and I had a fantastic time with Kevin & Mandie! We laughed alot and had fun exploring the fair together… Mandie, your laugh and carefree spirit is so infection. Kevin, you were such a trooper and we can tell you make Mandie super happy! Thank you two for a wonderful session! You were both so patient and made our job a dream 🙂


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