Jessica & Henry – T&P Station, Fort Worth, Tx Engagement Photographer

2015-05-14_0028Jessica & Henry NAILED their Great Gatsby inspired engagement session! From the wardrobe to the makeup, hair, posing… all of it came together as this perfect combination of love, romance and playfulness. Henry has been stationed in Florida which means these two have been apart for a long while now and the moment we started their session I knew their chemistry would be electric. It’s like they’ve never been apart. They kept me smiling and laughing behind the camera all evening and with each pose, cute giggle, gentle kiss i would be ooh-ing and ahh-ing at how lovely it was through my lens. I am SO thrilled to be their photographer for their Great Gatsby themed New Years Eve wedding! I know it will be a beautiful continuation of this session & their love story together!

2015-05-14_0023 2015-05-14_0024T&P Station’s art deco detail was a perfect pairing to their style. It also helped that this place was flooded with the most beautiful and soft light!

2015-05-14_0025 2015-05-14_0026 2015-05-14_0027What year is it again? Because this black & white image throws me back to a time WAY before me. I love this!

2015-05-14_0029 2015-05-14_0030 2015-05-14_0031 2015-05-14_0032 2015-05-14_0033
2015-05-14_0035 2015-05-14_0036YES! Wind Gods were working in our favor on this one. Her dress is blowing so perfectly!

2015-05-14_0037 2015-05-14_0038These two images with the wood beams at Trinity Park are my favorite of the whole session!

2015-05-14_0039 2015-05-14_0040 2015-05-14_0041 2015-05-14_0042See – they had me laughing the entire time.

2015-05-14_0043 2015-05-14_0044That golden light!!!

2015-05-14_0045 2015-05-14_0046 2015-05-14_0047 2015-05-14_0048 2015-05-14_0049The bomber jacket was such a perfect final touch!

2015-05-14_0051 2015-05-14_0050