Jacob & Madeleine – Surprise Proposal, Downtown Ft Worth, Tx

2015-01-08_0013I had so much fun learning to play detective for Jacob the night of his surprise proposal to Madeleine. I showed up at the restaurant where they were having dinner. She didn’t know me and wasn’t paying to much attention to anything other than Jacob which I was thankful for considering she looked in my direction a few times. And for those of you who know me, you know I can’t play it cool. I’m a bit of a clumsy mess when I’m nervous haha. I’m thankful nothing wound up broken and the manager was more than willing to help me succeed. However, A lot of the other dinner guests were curious, arching their backs and craning their necks to see what I was doing behind a large plant in the center of the restaurant – the most open floor plan I have ever seen in my life, mind you!

Odds were not in my favor as Madeleine sat with her back to me, however, I was determined for Jacob’s sake to capture this time together. After dinner, I followed them across the street just knowing that the sound of my boots in the dark *click clack, click clack* would give me away… to find him stopping her, saying some sweet things neither one of them remembers and dropping on that knee. Just wait – she has the cutest reaction. I later learned that Madeleine was completely surprised and Jacob had pulled off his intricate plans to propose! What a night and I was honored to have captured for them forever! Blessings to Jacob & Madeleine as they plan out their dream wedding and start their new life together!

2015-01-08_0001 2015-01-08_0002 2015-01-08_0003I love love love her darling reaction to his proposal! You just can’t plan that kind of cuteness!

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It was freezing so the Omni Hotel Fort Worth let us in for a few quick snaps. Thankful for that, too!

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