Dani & Gabriel – Deep Ellum, Dallas, Tx Engagement Photographer

2015-06-10_0002Want to know what I love most about Dani & Gabriel? They have the coolest style. I know I don’t have much fashion sense but dang, nothing like hanging out with these cool kids to make me realize how lame I am HAHA! Even Caden, who is 6, has more style than I do! Maybe some of it will rub off on me by their wedding day. I am in love with Dani’s desire to have a wedding that represents them as a couple and them as a family, not necessarily traditional by other people’s definition. After all, isn’t that what weddings are all about? The melting of two people, two souls, two families into one?! Not only are they cool by all means of the word, they are down to earth and so fun to talk to. I am thankful these two chill people have found each other and that I get to capture this journey for them. I loved spending a warm afternoon with them in Deep Ellum where the colors on the walls are as vibrant as their personalities and ending our time on the lake with an unexpected soft and beautiful sunset on the lake.

2015-06-10_0001AHH that beautiful sunlight and all those colors!!!

2015-06-10_0003This family is just so picture perfect, I love it!

2015-06-10_0004 2015-06-10_0005 2015-06-10_0006Their cute laughs were my favorite.

2015-06-10_0008 2015-06-10_0009 2015-06-10_0010 2015-06-10_0011 2015-06-10_0012 2015-06-10_0013 2015-06-10_0014 2015-06-10_0015 2015-06-10_0016Every. single. pose looked great on these two!

2015-06-10_0017 2015-06-10_0019 2015-06-10_0020 2015-06-10_0021 2015-06-10_0022 2015-06-10_0023 2015-06-10_0024 2015-06-10_0025In true Dani style she requested something other than a diamond for her engagement ring… she rocks it!

2015-06-10_0026 2015-06-10_0027 2015-06-10_0028 2015-06-10_0029Suspenders are awesome! You rocked them, Gabriel!

2015-06-10_0030 2015-06-10_0031 2015-06-10_0032 2015-06-10_0033