Courtney & Brandon – Marty Leonard Chapel, Fort Worth Wedding Photographer


I was so excited to be helping the very talented Lynn Michelle Photography out for a few hours.

Every. inch. of this wedding was beautiful. It was SUCH a happy day for these families. Thanks for having me along, Lynn! You’re amazing to watch in action!

1V2A0076 1V2A0001 1V2A0020 1V2A0023 1V2A0031bw
1V2A0033 1V2A0044  Every girl deserves a groom to look at them this way. What a love story told with just one look!
1V2A0047 1V2A0050bw 1V2A0176bw   The details at the Marty Leonard Chapel are just stunning!
1V2A0158 1V2A0061

All dressed up with no place to go… oh wait!
1V2A0078 1V2A0153 1V2A0183 1V2A0192 1V2A0208 1V2A0303

Warm & inviting. The ambiance was incredible!
1V2A0370 1V2A0372 1V2A0346 1V2A0364  And let the tears begin