Corbin – birth | personal

2015-02-04_0128So since I decided on a whim to blog Corbin’s newborn session last night (about 6 months late haha), I decided I probably should follow it up with the prequel of his birth. This is not a type of session I normally do, however, for my best friends it’s something I will always be volunteering for…. deep down I’m begging them to “pick me, pick me!” I totally understand why birth photographers seriously love their jobs. Hands down one of the coolest miracles to be a part of in someone’s life… the birth of their child. I am so thankful I have the ability to help capture this for my sweet friends. I hope these images are a tool in helping them remember the joy that came with those beautiful little hands and feet. And by “little” I mean all 10 1/2 lbs of him!

I pray that I live long enough to capture every milestone of Corbin’s life. This family is so very special to me.

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