Chandra & Chris – Fort Worth, Texas Engagement Photographer

2014-03-27_0001Opposites definitely attract and these two lovebirds compliment each other so well. The chemistry, deep friendship and respect between these two is undeniable. That’s what makes Chandra & Chris so charming! When I asked Chris to whisper sweet things to Chandra, she giggled & rolled her eyes. He had named off all the candy bars he could think of. HA.

We had the pleasure of being allowed to photograph at La Grave field for part of their session! Huge shoutout to the Fort Worth Cats for treating us like royalty and letting us use their stompin’ grounds for this great couple. It made their engagement photo experience unique to them & we had a blast incorportaing their hobby! We finished up the session with the warmest golden hour I’ve seen in a while. Romance at it’s finest. Enjoy!

Chandra & Chris – I enjoyed being with you two on Sunday. I am so glad we have met and get to work together. You make such a great team and I am blessed to have been a part of this day for you. I hope you made some fun memories that will carry over into your new life together. Can’t wait to party it up with you in November!!! 🙂

2014-03-27_0002 2014-03-27_0003 2014-03-27_0004 2014-03-27_0005 2014-03-27_0006 2014-03-27_0007 2014-03-27_0008 2014-03-27_0009 2014-03-27_0010 2014-03-27_0011CHANDRA – YOUR SMILE IS INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL & lights up even the darkest of places, no doubt!

2014-03-27_0012 2014-03-27_0013Oh hello there, beautiful sunset. You are welcomed with open arms.

2014-03-27_0014 2014-03-27_0016 2014-03-27_0015 2014-03-27_0022 2014-03-27_0017 2014-03-27_0018 2014-03-27_0019 2014-03-27_0020 2014-03-27_0021 2014-03-27_0023told you.