Brittany – Dallas Arboretum, Dallas Bridal Photographer

2015-07-23_0002How amazing is it that one of my first brides ever was this gorgeous girls older sister?! I adore this sweet family and getting to know Brittany & Jordan as a couple and share in their engagement journey was so wonderful. Brittany makes a stunning bride in her flowing ivory gown and blonde curls. Her smile & sweet demeanor are contagious which are two of my favorite things about her. She’s also a super talented graphic designer and made her own wedding invitations and programs which I LOVED. I can’t wait to share their wedding images too now that Brittany is a MRS! 🙂 Enjoy!

2015-07-23_0003 2015-07-23_0004She looks amazing next to this greenery!

2015-07-23_0005 2015-07-23_0006 2015-07-23_0007 2015-07-23_0008I can’t handle it. These photos are my favorite of the whole session!

2015-07-23_0009 2015-07-23_0010 2015-07-23_0011 2015-07-23_0012 2015-07-23_0013 2015-07-23_0014 2015-07-23_0015 2015-07-23_0016 2015-07-23_0017See what I mean about that smile?!

2015-07-23_0018 2015-07-23_0019Glowing like a true bride

2015-07-23_0020 2015-07-23_0022 2015-07-23_0023