Blayne Bishop – 2 year session

2 years. My little is 2 years old. It can’t be… Not yet! I love you B, but you’re growing too fast.

His favorite things are tractors, trucks, airplanes aka “ama”, the lawn “mowa” and running. I never want to forget these things.

Those long lashes on those baby blues are a weapon!

I never want to forget how much you giggle and flail your arms out when you run. I can hear you from looking at this photo & I never want to forget the joy that brings me.

You’re a typical boy and you love to explore. And you’re my child because you love to touch everything you see. 

I love how ornery you can be… keeps me on my toes 🙂 

You are strong and stubborn. You are going to go so far in life.

I never want to forget how cute your little feet are. Dangling from the bed. The world is such a big place. 

I. Love. You.

You pose for me.. but only for bribes 🙂 I’m okay with that.