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2015-07-08_0008I’m not always the best with photographing day to day life with my “real” camera BUT I am really good about using my camera phone. However, when Blayne has a birthday, you better believe we do portraits.

It was a really long day, July 4th holiday, Blayne was grumpy and the only energy I had was spent lugging these balloons to the front yard. All I could do was the front yard and I didn’t care because look at these precious smiles I have. If parenting has taught me anything, it’s taught me that you can plan all you want but you still need to be adaptable because sometimes on the day you plan to do portraits, everyone is just tired and worn out, doesn’t want to fight traffic and you just have to roll with the punches. Whether it was the most beautiful background or not, I have captured my little boy on his birthday eve. He will never be 3 ever again so today I am thankful for my front yard.

2015-07-08_0001Happy 4th birthday to the light of my life. My mini-me. My morning cuddler, my belly deep giggler, my creative master builder, my backseat driver, my question asker, my bed jumper, my puddle jumper, my fellow kitchen dance partner, my soul healer, my heart warmer, my constant reminder of all things important… Happy Birthday to you. I love you so deeply.

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