B family – Downtown Arlington, Tx Family Portrait Photographer

2015-07-02_0001This family. Ohmygoodness. This family.

With each passing year, these girlies get sweeter, sassier and more stylish. I have photographed this family for a really long time and I love them for it because it’s almost like clockwork when momma B schedules pics and she’s fabulous at capturing her quickly growing girls with portraits. I grew up with Paula and her immediate family and it’s so neat to watch people you’ve known for a long time have their own families. If you would have told me I would be photographing them when we were older, I would have thought you had bumped your head but I am SO thankful for my career path and the people it keeps me in contact with.

What I love about this family: Paula & Nick have this humor that they bring to life with their witty responses and sarcasm. They have me laughing every time we are together and leave me wishing I was funny myself! I love Kate’s quiet demeanor and how tall she is! I love how Paige marches to the beat of her own drum and she’s pretty much a grown adult in a tiny body. And the spitfire Claire. Her curls make her look so innocent but she’s gives us all a run for our money but you know what? What’s life without a little adventure. And Paula and Nick have plenty of adventure ahead of them, that’s for sure. At the end of our session all 3 ended up with huge suckers for a job well done. Great job, B fam! You rocked it once again.
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