Alysha & Matt – Fort Worth Stockyards, Fort Worth, TX Engagement Photographer


Bear with me.. it’s about to get mushy! I have known Alysha for a very long time and I’m so thankful for her and her daughter’s presence in my life. And not too long ago she introduced me to her boyfriend, Matt. Truly the most genuine, supportive, kind people in the universe. I feel like I’ve known Matt for ages, too. They just have a way to make people feel like family and we are so blessed to not only have them as clients or encouragers, but as friends who might as well be family! They carted me around the night of their engagement session, helped me carry my stuff, gave me some ideas, chased my light umbrella across the parking garage, used Alysha’s purse as a weight to hold down my light stand and even laughed at some of my stupid jokes. Then that sunset happened and we just kept shooting & shooting, wayyyy past dark. They probably thought I was never going to let them go home 🙂 Matt & Alysha – you two deserve the most success and happiness that this life can provide!

img-5 img-5bw img-6 img-19SUPER DUPER HUGE THANKS TO THE CANDY BARREL! They saw us shooting in the alleyway and they said we were more than welcome to come in and take some photos in there. We happily obliged.  img-24 img-21 img-32 img-33 img-37bw img-39 img-40 img-45 img-47bw img-50 img-58 img-63 img-69 img-73

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