Alfie – A Very Texas Christmas | personal

Meet Alfie, our Elf on the Shelf. Blayne loved him and all his silly shenanigans! I thought it was a blast and even though we got started a little late this year I had so much fun watching Alfie!

Day 1 – “A joyride in an airplane is better than a ride in a sleigh! Santa needs a private plane!” 1V2A0012 1V2A0008Day 2 – “I know Angela, Eric and Blayne love hugs!” 1V2A0026Day 3 – “Mom & Dad Fleming haven’t decorated the tree yet. Let me see if I can help!” 1V2A0289-2

Day 4 – “Mom, Dad & Blayne need some help getting in the Christmas spirit this year. I will show them what fun Christmas can be!” 1V2A0290Day 5 – “I heard Blayne’s squad car wasn’t working! 🙁 I know a thing or two about tools!” 1V2A0156Day 6 – “All this work has made me really hungry. Woops! Looks like my eyes are bigger than my stomach!” 1V2A0007bw-2Day 7 – “No better way to spread some Christmas cheer than reading loud for all to hear!”

1V2A0004bw 1V2A0015bwDay 8 – “I came in like a wrecking ball…….”
1V2A0009Day 9 – “I found a bed that reminds me of the North Pole. So sleepy… ZZZZZzzzZZZzZZZzzzZZZ “ 1V2A0168Day 10 – “WEEEEEEEEE!” 1V2A0053

Day 11 – “I love camping out by a good fire. All those elf scout badges are comin’ in handy.”  1V2A0057Day 11 – I decided to try out for wipeout! I didn’t do so well on the big red balls but I’m so thankful my snowmen friends came to cheer me on anyway!” 1V2A0067Day 12 – “Blayne keeps threatening to touch me. It’s probably best I stay up high for a while so I don’t lose my magic! Why not have some fun while I’m at it?! I’ve always wanted to go zip lining!” 1V2A0070Day 13 – “I know Blayne like sitting on the potty but doesn’t ever do anything. Let me see if I can help show him!”  1V2A0074

Day 14 – “I know Blayne LOVES bath time!” 1V2A0248

Day 15 – “Uncle Adam brought some presents for Blayne! I can’t wait until he wakes up so I can show him!” 1V2A0013 2-2Day 16 – “Listening to Christmas music, of course!” 1V2A0257-2

Day 17 – “Blayne has been such a good little boy. It’s time for me to go back to the North Pole but I will make sure to leave him a note before I go! See you next year!” 1V2A0262